Birthday Parties

Let Coach Jonny entertain at your child’s birthday by providing fun games and sports activities all year round, indoors and outdoors!

All-Star Program Includes:

    • Fun Sports Games – kickball, soccer, dodge ball, tug of war, tee ball and more
    • Entertaining, educational and positive program
    • Fun with a mix of encouragement –  Eating the right foods and healthy exercise
  • Award Ceremony – Everyone is a winner

The all-star birthday program is not only entertaining and interactive but it touches on the things that helps kids win in life, like team work, self esteem, positive attitude, & enthusiasm.

In Coach Jonny’s birthday program, every child is a success! Coach Jonny’s positive attitude and enthusiasm will inspire your kids and build their self-esteem while having a great time!

All-Star Parties Indoors or Outdoors

Parties are Customized for Ages 3 through 10

After the activities are over each child will receive an award ribbon during the reward ceremony for there accomplishments. All games are conducted for the space of the party. In house basement, living room, backyard, front yard rec centers, community centers parks etc.

Parties are conducted all year round indoors and out, rain, snow or shine. Parties can be rescheduled due to major weather conditions. Let the kids have fun and become all-stars. At Jonny’s All-Star Kids EVERY KIDS A WINNER. Coach Jonny works with a variety of age groups ranging from 3yrs to 10yrs of age. All kids are encouraged. Gratuities are not required but always appreciated for a job well done.

Jonny’s All-Star Kid’s is available for all kid events.

  • Birthdays
  • Community Events
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Scouting

Serving Washington DC Maryland & Virginia
(301) 775-3920

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