About Jonny

Meet Coach Jonny Steel

Meet the DC area’s #1 kids’ all-star coach! Coach Jonny has been coaching and teaching classes for kids for over 12 years and is certified in early childhood development. He is an energetic, fun-loving person who has a natural ability to put smiles on the faces of young children. His positive approach to teaching as well as creativity and enthusiasm makes him an inspirational motivator and leader. Coach Jonny is dedicated and passionate about developing kids’ confidence, self-esteem and happiness!

Coach Jonny brings his entire All-Star Training Program for Kids right into your living room, backyard, school, church or recreation center. All the kids have fun and everyone’s a success.

Coach Jonny provides fun games and sports for the kids such as tug of war, parachute, soccer, dodgeball, kick ball, dance games and a whole lot more.


At Jonny’s All-Star Kids, Every Kid’s a Winner!

Serving Washington  DC, Maryland and Virginia.

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